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Top 9 Things That You Need To Know To Choose A Good Inflatable Tent

Jul 6, 2015, 5:48 pm / Posted by Aliba

If you are a hiker or traveler who prefers camping, then the inflatable tent is right for you. There is a wide range of different inflatable tents (of different shapes and designs) on the market, however, some of them are of poor quality and they can let you down when you need it most. Therefore, we will point out a few important things that you need to keep in mind when shopping such tent.

Top 9 Things That You Need To Know To Choose A Good Inflatable Tent

1. Tent's dimensions

One of the most important factors when shopping an outdoor inflatable tent is its dimensions. You should know that these tents come in various dimensions, from small tents to huge domes, so the choice is yours. It is always better to have a plenty of space (especially when the weather is bad), but some big tents are really cumbersome when packed down. If that's not a problem for you during the transport, we suggest you to choose a larger tent – at least 300 cm x 180 cm and 180 cm high when it is inflated.

2. The material of the tent

The inflatable tents are usually made from various plastic polymers and synthetic rubbers, such as Hypalon, Neoprene, and so on. These materials enable greater abrasion resistance to external influences and provide a high elasticity. However, we recommend polycotton inflatable tents. Polycotton is considered one of the most desirable fabrics, because it has almost all of the properties like polyester – being durable and weatherproof. Moreover, it is breathable, which significantly reduces condensation.

3. Easy to set up and pack away

In contrast to ordinary tents, the inflatable tents are usually easy to set up. The whole tent comes as one single unit – with fly, ground sheet and outer fabric. Also, these tents don't have the poles. If you are not an experienced camper, choose a lightweight model (up to 5 kg) which is easy to pack away. With an electric pump, most of these tents are ready to go in less than one minute!

4. Choose only the 100% waterproof tent

Each tent is supposed to be a safe shelter from the rain and bad weather. You need to look on the label, in order to see does a certain tent is 100 % waterproof or not. Nobody wants to get wet in the rain!

5. Choose a nice design

There is a broad range of outdoor inflatable tents, so you can choose the design that suits you best. If you want to buy a good lawn tent, you can see one very interesting design in the picture below – a transparent outdoor tent with a protruding front part as its entrance. It looks gorgeous! 

Top 9 Things That You Need To Know To Choose A Good Inflatable Tent

6. Looking for extra ventilation

It is recommended that each tent has one large front door and two smaller side doors, due to the better ventilation. In addition to front and side doors, your inflatable tent should have mesh venting for additional ventilation, as well as one or more rain hoods. Breathable tent is surely the best solution during the sultriness and warm nights.

7. Best quality and renowned brands

If you want to buy a high-quality and long-term inflatable tent, then you need to consider only well-known brands. Over the last few years, Tobbox have become well known for producing the best quality inflated tents – suitable for celebrations, families, as well as for the lonely adventurers. These tents have more upgrades in their quality in order to make them worth your money.

Top 9 Things That You Need To Know To Choose A Good Inflatable Tent

8. Avoid cheap and poor quality tents

This does not have to be always the case, but the price is usually an indicator of the quality of the certain goods. This rule also applies to inflatable tents. Yes, they are more expensive compared to traditional tents, but you will be sure that your tent will last many years. So, it surely makes sense to invest your money in quality tent. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid the cheap inflatable tents because they are generally of poor quality.

9. Other additional items and components that you need to consider when choosing a good tent

In the end, we just want to mention some components and other additional items that good tent should contain. These properties just improve the stability and quality of tents.
•   Blow up tubes instead of a steel frame or fiberglass poles.
•   The main cross beams instead of tunnel design with ribs. These beams are connected with ridge beams and they contribute to greater stability.
•   Additional inflation valves (at least one for each separate part) + several deflation valves too. Be aware that each valve has a protective cap!
•   Double skin – for better resistance to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, UV rays, wind, and the similar.
•   Replaceable internal airbeam bladder, etc.