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Popular Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

  • It is completely transparent, looks incredible
  • Made of best quality environmentally safe materials
  • The products comes with 3 year warranty
  • You can call the customer care 24/7 and it is always free
  • Light weight and comes in a convenient size, so easy to carry
  • No hard assemble required
  • Keeps the product inside very safe
SKU: PN1027
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Product Size:Standard OR CustomizedMaterial:PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC OR Customized
Standard:CE/EN14960/SGS/EN71/ROHS/ULShipping:By sea/by air/by express (door to door)
Payment:T/T, Western union, Money Gram, PaypalDelivery:10-15days after getting your deposit

A Great Friend To The Business Men

Business men who like to display their products in big events can safely do that by keeping their products inside inflatable clear tent bubble. The products will be safe and because it is transparent everyone will be able to take a good look at the product inside. There are people who no matter how much time you tell them not to touch the products will do, but inside these bubbles they cannot do that, also if your product is made of glass then will be safer in this way. But the best part is it will look incredible, like you are displaying your products inside a globe, how cool is that? Very smart indeed. All business men need to buy couple of these tents so they can showcase their products any time they want.

inflatable tent clear bubble

Different Activities Can Be Done Inside A Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent

You are trying to break into the world of mime or as a dancer, then ever thought about performing inside a transparent globe? No right, this could be incredible. With perfect lighting this could take your performance to a complete different level. Clear inflatable bubble tent looms is incredible, you can also perform music inside this bubble. This is a totally innovative idea. Everyone both you and the audiences will enjoy this experience.

clear inflatable bubble tent

Perfect For Organizing A Party Or Function

When you give the parties for your clients at the end of the year you need to make sure that you showcase all your achievements and the best products in the party, that is how your clients will get to know about all the incredible things that your company did throughout the year. Put couple of inflatable clear bubble tent at the party and display as many things as you love to get noticed by your important clients. Presentation is the most important thing nowadays, if you showcase something in an ordinary way no one will take a second look, but if you display the same products in a nice or beautiful manner then people will think that you actually care.

inflatable clear bubble tent
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