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Portable Inflatable Stage Cover Tent with High Quality

  • Stage cover inflatable tents are made of high quality materials
  • The material is environmental friendly
  • Works in all kind of weathers
  • The size can be customized
  • Comes with three year warranty
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Easy to put over the stage in case of emergency
  • In case of any problem technical service is always available.
SKU: PN1059
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Product Size:Standard OR CustomizedMaterial:PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC OR Customized
Standard:CE/EN14960/SGS/EN71/ROHS/ULShipping:By sea/by air/by express (door to door)
Payment:T/T, Western union, Money Gram, PaypalDelivery:10-15days after getting your deposit

Keep The Stage Safe With Inflatable Stage Cover Tent

If you are one of those organizers who arranges event with unknown bands then you must know that arranging the show on an outside stage is better for the band than inside a close door stadium. These bands are still not famous, so no one is ready to pay a lot of money for the tickets, even if the bands are really great first they have to build the audience. If you organize a show inside a stadium then you have to keep the ticket price little high as you have to pay for the venue. But outside young girls and boys can come in if they think that the music playing here is really good. This arrangement is good both for the band and the organizers. But what comes as a problem is the sudden weather change. Everyone hates rain and the bands hate even more as their equipments get ruined, but inside an inflatable stage cover tent everything will be safe. So just one purchase can make you a great organizer who thinks about everyone.

stage cover inflatable tent

Arrange Any Event Outside

We can basically arrange anything outside if you have stage cover inflatable tent as nothing can disturb your plan. You can arrange children's program, quiz competition, or even showcase your product and demonstrate about the advantages of this product on stage. Having a cover over the stage is always better than arranging an event without any cover. Plus these tents do not look like regular boring tents, they look very attractive, so your event will look cool.

stage cover inflatable tents

Show The World What A Good Artist You Are

If you are an artist and you have to do the exhibition outside then only you know how much nervous you feel thinking what if the rain comes down, all your hard work will go to waste. But with stage cover inflatable tents over your head you do not have to worry about that problem. No matter what the weather condition is your work always stays safe.

inflatable stage cover tent
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