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Top 9 Tips For People How To Rent The Inflatable Water Slides

Oct 14, 2015, 5:23 pm / Tobbox
Rental business related to inflatable water slides is a very profitable job, which allows you to have an extra profit most of the time. So, if you are a beginner in this job and want to develop this business to a higher level, then you need to read the following text. We will give you 9 useful tips how to rent the inflatable water slides successfully.

inflatable water slides for rent

First, you must have attractive inflatable water slides for rent. The competition is intense in this rental business, and therefore you should have the rent inflatable water slides that will attract a large number of people. Of course, the kids will be your main users, so you need to buy an inflatable water slide that will be interesting for them. 

Where to find the best inflatable slides for rent? There are many suppliers today, which offer a wide range of different water slides, however, we suggest you to check out the Tobbox water slides. It is considered to be one of the best inflatable supplier in the world. All their goods come with 3 year warranty and you will get free technical support as well.

The quality of your slides must be in accordance with all security standards. Don't rent inflatable water slides made from low quality fabrics. For example, tarpaulin and PVC are two high-quality materials for inflatable water slides that will withstand various bad weather conditions as well as “ruthless” kids jumping.

rent inflatable water slides

Choose the best location in the town to accommodate and instal your inflatable water slide(s). For instance, you can set up your slides at several different locations, such as city beach, children's playground, parks, city square, near the kindergartens or primary schools, and so on. 

Advertise your rental business on the web. Internet is a perfect place to exhibit your products or services to people from all around the world. It will be great if you have your own website, where you will present all your inflatable water slides for rent with their main features. 

In addition to web sites, you can also promote your business at the local advertisers, such as popular local newspapers, TV commercials, billboards, etc. Yes, it requires money, however, you should know that the advertising is the most important part of each type of rental business.

Rent your slides for some special events! In addition to everyday leasing, you may rent your inflatable water slides for some important events, such as birthday parties, children's celebrations, and the like. In those days, you will certainly have more customers. 

inflatable slides for rent

Provide discounts as well as different benefits from time to time. For example, you can give various benefits to your regular customers, every fifth/tenth leasing for free, or something like that. It will bring more clients to you. 

Finally, you must provide the high quality services to your clients. Give them deeply satisfying support any time they need it. Also, you should always keep your slides clean, so clean and dry them after each use. The new user surely don't want to see the “traces” of previous customers.