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Top 5 Suppliers That You Can Find Cheap Inflatable Water Slides

Oct 15, 2015, 11:05 am / Tobbox
In this top list we will tell you the top 5 suppliers where you can find cheap inflatable water slides for sale. It is always complicated to know where to find cheap inflatable slides. When you buy an inflatable water slide you look at good quality and cheap price. Let's be honest, we buy these items to please our kids and because we hope to spend less money by buying inflatable water slides than by going to an amusement park. They might be inflatable slides. It doesn't mean that they are cheap products. The prices usually go from 500$ up to a few thousand dollars. Another very important point before buying inflatable slides is the customer service. Read the reviews made by customers. On Tobbox website, for example, the reviews about the customer service are always very good and various customers have appreciated the services provided by this supplier.

Our number one is this top is Tobbox. It has the first place because you can find a wide variety of inflatable water slides for sale. You can choose before different designs or you can have it customized by your own wish. Also, the customer service is great which is extremely important when buying this kind of items.  Finally, they sell cheap inflatable water slides with high quality materials (PVC, tarpaulin, Oxford fabric, and the like). These materials are very durable and resistant to almost all outside influences.

cheap inflatable water slides

The number two is Ninja Jump. This is a specialized US store that sells cheap inflatable water slides. They have a view in 3D of the inflatable water slides (as well as other products), which is really great to get a better idea of the slides. 

In third place is the famous Amazon. After all, this supplier offers the slides for a good price and the shipping is free. It is a great opportunity to the customers, especially when purchasing products such as inflatable water slides. Therefore, they deserve to be on the third place on this list.

cheap inflatable water slides for sale

Our number four in this top is Alibaba. They sell a wide variety of inflatable water slides. You could order with some friends as the more your order, the cheaper it gets by unit. The shipping depends on the country where it is sent. 

The number five is Ebay. They offer a range of different inflatable water slides on the web. Some of their products are also shipped for free to customers. You have to look a lot to find the ones with free shipping, etc.

In this top 5, we tried to present to you the best suppliers to find cheap inflatable water slides for sale. It wasn't easy because by definition, these articles aren't cheap. We tried to make counting the customer service and the quality of the materials in our top. Hopefully, it would help you to find the cheap inflatable water slide you've been looking for. Remember that a good thing to do before investing money in an inflatable water slide is ask a friend to lend the one he has or to rent one out for a special occasion like a birthday party. 

inflatable water slides for sale