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Top 5 Places To Find Inflatable Slides For Sale

Sep 10, 2015, 11:38 am / Tobbox
In this top list we will tell you the top 5 places where you can find inflatable slides for sale. It is always complicated to know where to find a good inflatable slide for sale. When buying this type of products, you are looking both for high quality, if it is possible, for a 3 years warranty but also for a good price. They might be inflatable slides. It doesn't mean that they are cheap products. The prices usually go from 400$ up to a few thousand dollars. The very expensive prices of some inflatable slides don't mean that they are made of high quality material and that they will last longer than others. Another very important point before buying inflatable slides is the customer service. Read the reviews made by customers. For example, on Tobbox the reviews about the customer service are always very good and various customers have appreciated that Tobbox helps you to set up your inflatable slide. There, you will find a lot of high quality inflatable slides for sale.

inflatable slide for sale

The number one is our top 5 of the places to find an inflatable slip and slide for sale is on Tobbox. We put it in the first place on our top 5 because of the high quality of materials as well as using eco-friendly materials. Also, the customer service as we have mentioned before is great, which was a huge plus for us. Finally, Tobbox offers many different sizes and designs for inflatable water slides and pool slides. You can also have it customized. 

Our number two is Ninja Jump. They are a specialized US store that has inflatable pool slides for sale. We liked the view in 3D of the inflatable slides. It makes it easier to see how much space is needed to have them.

The number three is Amazon. We liked it for the good prices and because the shipping was free. It is a nice gesture to the customers, especially when buying items such as inflatable water slides that are expensive.

inflatable slides for sale

Our number four is Ebay. They have a large number of water and pool slides. Some of the products were also shipped for free even though the most expensive ones didn't seem to have free shipping.

Finally, our number five on this top is Walmart. They offer water and pool slides that are quite expensive, but they offer free shipping. Also, Walmart has stores in many areas so you might get some customer support.

inflatable slide for sale

We presented to you the list of our top 5 places to find inflatable slides for sale. They are other places, not all stores have a web page. In addition, you might look around where you live to find an specialized shop for inflatable products. However, you should keep in mind that you need a quality warranty of 3 years at least before buying an inflatable slide. Many children will be using them outside as well. You also want to have eco-friendly material for your kids. Therefore, before actually buying an inflatable slide, you might look to rent one out.