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How to Run Inflatable Water Slide Rental Business?

Sep 10, 2015, 11:37 am / Tobbox
Run a rental business can be complicated. Especially when the items that you are renting are not cars or vacation houses. Luckily, renting inflatable products is one of the businesses that can be really profitable. People usually have a rental business of inflatable domes or tents that can be used to host events. Here we will tell you how to run an inflatable water slide rental business.

inflatable water slide rentals

The first tip that we can give you about running inflatable water slide rentals is to define which kind of public you want to target. Would you prefer to target individuals? Or do you wish to do business with professionals? This is a very important point to get your rental inflatable water slides running correctly. In fact, the types of inflatable water slides will be different as well as will be the sizes of the inflatable water slides you will buy. Also, if you are targeting individuals you need to think about a competitive price. If an individual is renting out an inflatable water slide, it can be because he/she can't afford to buy one or can't afford/don't want to go to a water amusement park. 

Our second tip is to define which types of inflatable water slides you want to rent. You can find many different types and sizes for rental inflatable water slides on the market. Also, you have different designs such as the inflatable octopus water slide. Inflatable water slides for home pools are small but they are perfect for individuals to rent out. They also come with different designs. Bigger ones are more directed to professionals for special events they might host, mostly because a bigger space is needed to be able to put it on. 

rental inflatable water slides

The third tip is about advertising. If you are targeting individuals, you need to tell them why they should rent an inflatable water slide with arguments such you can keep your kids at home. While they are playing with the pool and the inflatable water slide you can do other things. By the way, don't forget to advise the high quality of the materials. People will be worried that by renting something inflatable they will get something that won't work correctly. Also, don't forget to place the logo on your inflatable water slide rental, as well as contact information of your business. This way you can advertise your company to other potential clients in a completely new way.

inflatable water slide rental

The last tip is to distinguish yourself from the others inflatable water slides rentals. One way to do so is to only rent out inflatable water slides entirely made out of environmentally friendly materials. We are living in a time where people are more and more aware of the importance of taking care of our planet and to use environmentally friendly materials, especially if these materials are meant to be used by children. In addition, if you aim to rent inflatable water slides to professionals, some of them might be interested to rent eco-friendly inflatable water as it will give a good image of their company.