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Top 7 Functions of Inflatable House That People Didn't Know

Jul 24, 2015, 1:56 pm / Tobbox
When we purchase an inflatable house, it is usually for a basic purpose, such as a huge family party or reunion, a business event such an office party or for an exhibition. And honestly, most of us never thought that they could have different functions. We will list here the top seven functions of inflatable home that you did not know about. 

Top 7 Functions of Inflatable House That People Didn\'t Know

The first function that we thought about is to use your inflatable house as an alternative house. Inflatable houses are easy to put on, spacious, safe and practical. You can easily bring portable televisions, chairs, beds or lamps inside of it. It can be used for example when you receive guests for a few days, that way everyone gets its own space and privacy. If you have an extra piece of land somewhere and can't afford to build a house there, you can have buy an inflatable house and use it as a vacation house.

This brings us to the other function that an inflatable home can have. It can be used as a vacation house. Imagine, going to your favorite places such like the beach and be able to stay overnight and even for a few days because you wouldn't have to pay very expensive hostel fees. Besides, you wouldn't need to plan vacations anymore. Every time that you'd feel like escape for a weekend you'd be able to do so because inflatable houses are easy to pack (they don't take much space), they are lightweight, which is always a good thing when traveling and finally they are easy to put on. 

Top 7 Functions of Inflatable House That People Didn\'t Know

Another function that an inflatable house can have is a storage room. We all know that through the years we accumulate tons and tons of things and our children, too. They grow up and it is time to put away the toys (but not time to throw them away). Most of the time, the garage isn't big enough to be able to store everything. One solution is to have an inflatable garage. Inflatable structures or houses can definitely be used for that. They are waterproof and resist to different type of weather. It couldn't be more practical! 

A very different function that an inflatable house can have is to become a place to play sport. Depending of its size an inflatable house can be used to play some sports. You might not be able to play football, soccer or rugby as you would on a real playground, but you can most definitely use it to play sport. It will protect you or your children for the weather outside and a fall in the inflatable house will definitely hurt your kids less than on the ground outside.

Top 7 Functions of Inflatable House That People Didn\'t Know

As I have mentioned before, the inflatable homes are perfect for vacations. In fact, I would definitely use them to go camping. Instead of renting a house or pay a hotel for a few days in a row, I would prefer to bring my inflatable room and put it somewhere quiet with beautiful landscapes so I could enjoy with my family and/or friends a nice and cheap vacation. Besides, with an inflatable home, I can have all the comfort that I would like to have on a camping trip without all the inconvenient such as mosquitoes, getting wet if it's raining outside…

We all dream of going on an adventure in some hostile lands and the inflatable house is the perfect thing to bring. As it is lightweight and easy to use, it will be a very useful tool. When you are in a desert where the nights are very cold or in a forest or on the top of the mountain, having an inflatable house instead of a tent is a real comfort. We might all like the adventure, but being with wet clothes for days or weeks or spending nights being cold or being covered in mosquito bites is definitely not enjoyable.

Finally, for me, an inflatable house is also perfect to use during the music festivals. You can easily play music inside and have some concerts. This is definitely a more common function that an inflatable structure can have but I think that it is an important one.