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Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don't Know

Jul 18, 2015, 10:54 pm / Tobbox
Folding tents slowly become history nowadays. Why spend a lot of time to assemble a metal construction for tent, when you can do it much easier and much faster with inflatable buildings. All you need to have in order to raise an inflatable shelter is a matching electric pump and some accompanying equipment. These inflatable structures can be used in many ways, but this time we will present you their top five functions. 

1. Inflatable shelters for military use

Military bases are mainly placed in some inhospitable place, such as thick forest, hot desert, bare rocks, mountain peaks, and the like. These locations are usually away from any form of civilization, and the safe and dry shelter is very important for the army when the night falls. By the way, the military often changes its location so these inflatable shelters are perfect for the reason that they don't require much time for their setup and blow out.

Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don\'t Know

2. Inflatable shelters for adventurers and mountaineers

Adventurers and mountaineers often go in nature in small groups or individually. Therefore, small inflatable shelters (like this one in the image) are very useful for one person or two people in nature. After a hard day in the wild, there is nothing more important than a safe place to protect you against bad weather conditions as well as some undesirable animals. This shelter can be pumped by an ordinary foot/hand pump for in less than five minutes. Adventurers, take a look at this model!

Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don\'t Know

3. Inflatable shelters for company's promotion

If you want to promote your company's services or products in the open air, primarily you need to find an  appropriate shelter to protect your exposed stuffs against rain and the like. Some inflatable structure like this one in the image, will be very useful for your exhibition. It is open from the all sides, so that the products are visible from different angles.  It's surely better to have your own shelter rather than pay an space for each of your exhibitions! 

Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don\'t Know

4. Inflatable shelters for your redundant stuffs

Many of us love to buy anything and everything for the house. However, these things become redundant one day, and we don't know what to do with them. If you are emotionally attached to a certain stuffs and don't want to throw them in the trash, the inflatable tent can be used as shelter for them. It is a perfect replacement for goods shed. Your beloved stuffs will be stored in dry conditions and protected from further decomposition. Just inflate the shelter and put it to an unused place in your backyard.

Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don\'t Know

5. Inflatable shelters for family reunions and other gatherings

Here's one comfortable shelter, suitable for any kind of larger gatherings. It is big enough for a large number of people, and you can also put tables and chairs inside. You will not have to worry about wind or rain because it will be a safe shelter for your guests. In addition to the celebrations, this large inflatable shelter can also be used for other purposes – travels, camping, exhibitions, and so on. 

Top 5 Useful Functions Of Inflatable Shelter That You Don\'t Know