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Top 5 Inflatable Swimming Pool Slides

Sep 29, 2015, 9:18 am / Tobbox
Have you ever used any pool slide by now? They can be very joyful during the nice sunny days and all kids love them very much. Not only the kids, the grownups also love to enjoy them. However, the inflatable swimming pool slides are much more fun compared to other pool slides. In the online stores, you can see a broad range of different inflatable slides for swimming pools, so we have selected five slides that are considered to be most attractive for most people/kids. Let's see them!

1. Octopus Inflatable Slide Pool Combo

Our first inflatable swimming pool slide is so-called Octopus Inflatable Slide Pool Combo. In fact, this big funny slide contains one swimming pool and two inflated slides. One of these slides has an purple octopus on its top as well as  two separated slides with ladders for climbing on both sides. The other pool slide is significantly smaller and thus suitable for the little children. This large inflatable swimming pool slide looks very attractive and it adheres to all industry standards in order to provide complete security. It surely deserves to be on the first place!

inflatable swimming pool slide

2. Small Inflatable Water Slides For Home Pool

If you possess a swimming pool in your courtyard, these swimming pool iflatable slides are right for you! Unlike the previous pool slide, this one doesn't have the swimming pool in its composition, so you will have to place and install it beside your own pool.  Small inflatable swimming pool slides are great to keep your children engaged during the whole day at your yard. Moreover, it will convert your home pool into a favorite place for playing.

inflatable swimming pool slides

3. Big and Amazing Inflatable Slide with Pool

The next one is an inflatable swimming pool with slide, which comes with a pool and slides in its structure. Therefore, you don't need to have a swimming pool in your yard to use it. This pool item is big enough for many children (10 or more) to play inside it, and it has a very nice design – several palm trees along the swimming pool. It is made from high quality fabrics (tarpaulin and PVC) and comes with 3 year guarantee. This inflatable swimming pool with slide is perfect for those families that own the large yards.

inflatable swimming pool with slide

4. Top Quality Inflatable Pool Slides

Maybe you are looking only for the top quality inflatable pool slides? These slides are suitable for both home pools and amusement parks. However, if you purchase such inflatable slide, then you will enable your kids to have the amusement park in their own yard. What's more, you will not have to spend money every time. It is one time investment. These slides are available in a variety of models, with the swimming pools or without them. 

inflatable pool slides

5. High Quality Inflatable Water Park

The last inflatable swimming pool slide is actually a water park, because it contains several different toys at once. They come in various sizes – from small slides for home use to large inflatable parks. In addition to great fun, these parks allow kids and adults to have a healthy summer activity as well. Thus, all family members will have the good physical exercises while playing. 

inflatable swimming pool slide