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Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business

Jul 18, 2015, 11:14 pm / Tobbox
Exhibition of the company's products and services is one of the most important things for every business today. It is the best way to promote your business to other people and companies, and to improve the work of your company. However, this requires a suitable place with a plenty of space and a pleasant environment for conversation. A good inflatable exhibition dome is perfect for this purpose.

But, how to find a good dome among thousands of different models and shapes? Well, Tobbox offers a broad range of inflatable exhibition domes, which will surely meet the needs of many companies with regard to quality and design. Just take a look at top five inflatable domes hereinafter.

1. Customized Inflatable Tailgate Tents

This inflatable structure provides good shelter during the great heat, so you can promote your business undisturbedly regardless of weather conditions. So, you always need to have this small dome on hand, when planning to exhibit something. It will never disappoint you because it is very easy to set up (inflate) and put away (deflate), looks nice and it's resistant to sunrays as well as other bad weather conditions. In addition, this tailgate inflatable dome is easy to move does not take much space. As you can see in the picture, it is open on all sides so air can circulate inside easily. What's more, these openings enable visibility of exposed products on all four sides. Just to mention that the inflatable tailgate tents from Tobbox come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business

2. Inflatable Exhibition Dome for Company/Organization

In contrast to the previous dome tent, this model is closed from all its sides. It is also suitable for some company's exhibitions – to promote services or products. However, this is a large inflatable exhibition dome, so you can prepare an exhibition for a larger number of people. Also, it will save your cost of renting a place. Why to rent an expensive place in town, when you can have your own inflatable exhibition dome and place it in front of your company (office)? Its design is very modern, and it will attract all types of people. Like other products from Tobbox, this inflatable dome can be ordered in various sizes (small, medium, big or customized size), shapes and colors. Moreover, you can order a logo for your company, and it will be printed in a certain inflatable dome. No doubt, this large dome tent will help you to get more customers and improve your sales!

Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business

3. Multiple-pin Inflatable Spider Dome

 Here's another open dome tent from Tobbox. This model is suitable for outdoor exhibitions or for a remote art gallery. For example, if you are a photographer or an artist, you can expose your works of art under this inflatable spider dome and don't worry about rain and other weather conditions. There is a plenty of space inside, so you can feel comfortable while making and exposing your artworks. In addition to art galleries, this inflatable dome can be used for company exhibition, food sales, sale of souvenirs, and so on.

Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business

4. Large Double Inflatable Dome Tent

This is truly one of the most beautiful dome tents in the market worldwide. Double inflatable dome is a large dome tent with amazing design. It can be used as:

       -  Space for large company's exhibitions;
       -  Alternative of your house (like an igloo house);
       -  A big apartment for your guests or travelers;
       -  Big event tent for more than 100 people;
       -  Space for sale of different types of products, etc.

Just take a look at the image below!

Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business

5. High-Quality Inflatable Advertising Dome Tent

This dome is designed similar to the firs one on this list, and it is also  a good way to promote your own business. For example, if you open the store and want to promote your products, this inflatable exhibition dome will be very helpful for this kind of business. Buy several high-quality domes from Tobbox, and place them in a few cities. Also, you can use these domes for the issuance to other companies. There are many companies today that sell electrical appliances and want to promote new devices. It's a great opportunity to rent them your inflatable dome tents. As their name says, these domes are made from high quality materials, which are eco-friendly and long lasting.

Top 5 Inflatable Exhibition Dome For Company To Promote Business