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Top 5 Inflatable Car Shelter For Family

Oct 9, 2015, 10:19 am / Tobbox
Can you imagine that you have a moveable car garage that you can carry with you wherever you go? Yes, with inflatable car shelter it is possible today. We assume that almost every car driver has a built garage in its yard or somewhere close to home. However, your vehicle also needs some safe shelter when you are outside the house – when travel, during the official journey and the like. Therefore, it is good to have an inflatable car shelter, whether for permanent or occasional use. In the following, it will be presented top five inflatable shelters for family use. 

1. Multiple Function Large Inflatable Tent 

In fact, this large inflatable product is not specially designed for cars. It has several different functions:
  • Shelter for cars as well as other vehicles;
  • As an event tent – for various types of events;
  • For business promotions and exhibitions;
  • Camping tent, etc.
As you saw, you can use this large tent for various occasions. It is a very stable structure because there are several inflated polls in its composition, placed transversely and longitudinally. Also, this inflatable car shelter has one protruding part that serves as an entrance/exit for the car. 

inflatable car shelter

2. White Cube Inflatable Garage Tent

As its name says, this inflatable car shelter is made in a form of the cube. This tent has a simple design, but very modern and useful for various purposes. As far as the size, it is big enough for each car or even a jeep. It also may be used in different kinds of occasions: as a car garage, as a temporary home, for outdoor or indoor exhibitions and much more. All in all, this beautiful Tobbox structure offers you a great chance to enjoy a shelter/tent with a high quality, which will certainly give you value for your spent money.

inflatable cube car shelter

3. Double Layer White Inflatable Car Shelter

This inflatable car shelter has a very modern and fancy design – an interesting shape and open from two sides. So, in addition to garage it is also suitable for car exhibitions such as car fairs. More importantly, it is made of double waterproof layers which provide security of the car in various weather conditions. Just take a look at the picture!

inflatable car shelter

4. Big Inflatable Garage Tent

In the 4th place, there is an large inflatable tent which can serve as a temporary garage for the larger vehicles, such as jeeps, SUVs or even the smaller trucks. Furthermore, you can keep two or three cars inside it. If you do not have another garage, this tent can be a permanent shelter for your car. It will protect your vehicle from all kinds of poor external influences.

inflatable car shelter

5. Inflatable Transparent Capsule Shelter

This inflatable product is specially designed for the cars. There is only space for one car, so it looks like an inflated capsule. Of course, it cannot be such a good shelter as the previous tents, but it will be of help during the bad weather conditions. In each case, this transparent shelter looks very interesting and eye catching.

inflatable car shelter