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Top 5 Inflatable Arch That Can Be Used For Race

Sep 29, 2015, 9:17 am / Tobbox
Inflatable arches are suitable for different types of races, such as marathon, cross-country, cycling race, motorcycle race or even car racing. They are usually placed at the beginning and at the end of a certain racetrack, in order to mark the starting line and the finish line of the race. Due to the good visibility from a distance, these items are perfect for race. Today, there is a broad range of different inflatable race arches, however, we will present you the five arche inflatable products that are considered to be the best for each race. 

1. Blue Base Support Inflatable Arch

The first one on the list is so-called “Blue Base Support Inflatable Arch”. You can use it whenever you want to give your event the starting and finishing line. Whether it is an amateur or professional sports event, this big blue inflatable arch will be of benefit to mark your speedway/racetrack. It is an excellent replacement for heavy iron scaffoldings, which are expensive and hard to carry and install. In addition to the start and finishing line of the race, you can accommodate some blue inflatable arches  along the track,  making transitional areas as well. It will make your track clearly marked and more attractive for race participants.

inflatable arch

2. Inflatable Arch With Quantity Warranty

Our second arch is the arch with quantity warranty. For instance, this remarkable inflatable race arch is perfect for  cycling races. Of course, the quality of this large product is at a high level (it is made of PVC and tarpaulin), so you will have a stable and secure starting and finishing line. Therefore, it will be able to withstand even the strongest winds. Just to mention that this product comes with 3 year guarantee, however, it will serve you for many years. 

inflatable race arch

3. Big Multicolor Inflatable Arches

In addition to the races, you can arrange any other event you want with several of these inflatable arches. They have a nice design with some vibrant colors. What's more, they are easy to put on and install wherever you want. No doubt, each big event will be more fun with these loveable inflatable arches!

inflatable arch

4. Funny Kids Inflatable Arch

The next inflatable arch is in fact the toy intended for the little kids. It is designed as some kind of labyrinth with several small inflatable arches along the track. Your kids will have great fun while running “zigzag”  through this awesome toy. Just inflate it with an appropriate pump, place at some suitable place in your yard, and the race can start!

inflatable arches

5. Rainbow Inflatable Arch

Our last inflatable arch on the list is an arch designed as a rainbow. It is pretty large in diameter, so you can use it to arrange the big sports events in your town. Furthermore, this inflatable arch is eye-catching and easily noticeable from afar, so it will surely attract many people to approach and watch the race. Besides the racing, it is also suitable for other purposes, such as exhibitions, promotions, advertising and so on. 

arche inflatable