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Top 5 High Rated Inflatable Water Parks With Quality Warranty

Oct 12, 2015, 8:02 pm / Tobbox
Now, it is the summertime in the most parts of the world, and many people are looking for some places on the water to freshen up of intense heat. The inflatable water parks are a good place to cool off and have a great fun with your friends as well. In the last several years, the inflatable water parks have replaced the mounting water parks in many countries and they pretend to be the most popular items during the summer period. Let us see which five inflatable water parks are highly rated in the world.

1. Inflatable Water Park For Adults

In fact, this gorgeous inflatable water park is suitable for both adults and kids. This water park really looks amazing, and it comes with three year warranty. It is very easy to install, but you can also get the technical support from Tobbox any time you want. Actually, this water park contains many diverse items/toys, so everyone can find the part of the park that suits him the best. Thus, you can enjoy water slides, bouncers, climbing wall or some other toy according to your wishes. Also, there are many small inflatable items for the little kids along the edges of the park. Just take a look at the picture and it will be clear why this inflatable water park is one of the best on the market.

inflatable water park for adults

2. Octopus Inflatable Slide Pool Combo

As its name says, this inflatable water park consists of slides, pool and combo. More specifically, there are two water slides (one big with octopus and another smaller), one shallow pool as well as an inflatable combo. Therefore, it is suitable for the children of different ages – while the older children can enjoy the big octopus slide, the little kids can use the smaller slide at the same time. It is very easy to install and maintain, i.e. you only need to clean and dry it from time to time. No doubt, your little ones will have a good time while playing in it. This inflatable waterpark will engage at least 20 kids together at once!

Octopus inflatable water park

3. Inflatable Waterpark With Shark Slide

Among the thousands of different water park inflatables on the market, this one truly deserves to be on this top 5 list. There is a big inflated shark on the top of the slides, and all these slides lead to the large swimming pool. Uniquely, isn't it?

inflatable waterpark

4. High-Quality Inflatable Water Park From Tobbox

In addition to high-quality materials, these inflatable water parks come with a 3 year quality warranty as well. There are several different models, but we have singled out this one which is primarily intended for the little children. It is perfect for home use.

inflatable water parks

5. Large Inflatable Water Park

Our last inflatable waterpark on the list is one huge water park that has many different items in its composition. However, the most attractive part of this water park is the big monster slide, actually two water slides that come out of the mouth of one funny inflated monster. This large waterpark really looks impressive!

inflatable water park