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Top 5 High Quality Inflatable Structures Supplier

Sep 28, 2015, 1:24 pm / Tobbox
Rental business related to inflatable structures is a very profitable business, so many people have realized the benefits of this job and start it. Thus, you can find a lot of inflatable structures suppliers from different parts of the world, however, each of them doesn't offer a truly quality products that meet all requirements. So, be careful when buying an inflatable structure/building because there are many low quality inflatable items on the market today. Whether you are buying an inflatable building for your own use or to rent it to other people, pay attention to each detail before you take out money from the wallet. In order to facilitate you in the selection, we will show you five suppliers of inflatable structures that are considered to be the most quality. 

Before any other supplier, you should check out the inflatable structures from Tobbox. They offer a wide range of different inflatable products, including several gorgeous inflatable structures for sale. These outstanding buildings are available in several designs and they come with a guarantee of 3 years. As far as the size, you can find the edifices in a variety of sizes (from small to the big ones), but there is also the possibility to order an inflatable structure in custom size - according to your needs. Most importantly, all of these products are high quality, because they are made of the best quality fabrics such as PVC and tarpaulin (or PVC tarpaulin). These materials will allow you to have a full comfort and to use your inflatable building for many years. What's more, they are environmentally friendly, budget-friendly, long lasting, fire retardant, and so on. Due to the nice design and a plenty of space inside, these inflatable structures are suitable for various occasions (events): family gathering, birthday parties, as well as for exhibitions and business meetings. There is no doubt, Tobbox is a supplier far ahead of all others! Take a look at this beautiful inflatable structure in the picture below.

inflatable structures for sale

The next large inflatable structures supplier is Southern Inflatables  - a big company from the UK. This company was established in 1994, and today it is one of the UK's leading suppliers (and manufacturers) of inflatable structures and buildings as well. They offer a range of inflatable structures!

Here's another inflatable supplier from United Kingdom. Lindstrand Technologies Ltd is surely one  of the best suppliers and they deserve to be in this list. As their “compatriot” they offer a wide range of inflatable building in a variety of designs and sizes.

inflatable structure

On the fourth place, there is an big inflatable structure supplier from China - Joy Inflatable Co. Just to mention that they offer many other inflatable products in addition to inflatable structures, such as inflatable bouncers, jumpers, water slides and other high quality toys. 

Finally, the last supplier for today is Guangzhou CH Inflatables Co. You can find them on many online places, and they offer various inflatable structures, which are suitable for all occasions. Of course, the quality of these buildings is very high. However, inflatable dome tents are one of the most wanted products. 

inflatable structures