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Top 5 Big Inflatable Transparent Tents

Oct 19, 2015, 9:56 am / Tobbox
All types of inflatable tents are nice in their own way, however, the inflatable transparent tents are widely regarded as the most beautiful. In addition to nice appearance, their main advantage is the fact that you can see the outdoors while staying inside the tent. Also, the people from the outside will be able to see the interior of this tent at the same time. Therefore, you can sit or lie down in your transparent tent and watch the landscape around you. During the starry nights, you will lie on your back in the tent, and watch the starry sky and moon. Yes, transparent tent inflatable provides all these pleasures!

There are many different models of transparent inflatable tents in the shops, but we have singled out five top rated transparent tents form Tobbox. So, let us see how they look like and what are their main features.

1. High Quality Inflatable Lawn Tent 

This inflatable transparent tent is made from high quality fabric (PVC tarpaulin and clear PVC), which is resistant to all kinds of external influences, such as extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, all types of precipitation, etc. Also, these materials are environmentally friendly, and therefore good for the nature. Is it necessary to talk about the appearance of these inflatable transparent tents? The picture tells everything!

inflatable transparent tent

2. Inflatable Bubble Tent from Tobbox

The bubble inflatable tents are ideal to arrange camping with your friends or family members somewhere in the nature. Also, you can use this inflatable transparent tent to have a romantic night with some loved person or to enjoy the beauty of sky over night. Yes, it may be used for various purposes! Just to mention that the customization of these tests is available according to the client needs. 

inflatable transparent tent

3. Outdoor Inflatable Transparent Tent

When you plan to camp somewhere next time, you should consider this type of inflatable transparent tent. It really looks incredible and has a tunnel as an entrance to the tent. There is enough space inside, so you can place all necessary items such as bed, table and chairs, dresser or even the electrical appliances. Moreover, it is very easy to put on and install it everywhere, because there is no assemble required for that. 

inflatable transparent tent

4. Two Way Inflatable Bubble Tent

The main feature of these inflatable transparent tents is that they have two entrances from different sides. This feature contributes to better appearance and it can be very useful when many people enter/come out the tent at the same time. Therefore, it is ideal for exhibitions and promotions. You can print your company logo on the tent and use it for all types of advertising. 

inflatable transparent tents

5. Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

These inflatable transparent tents are suitable for various occasions. Thus, you can use them for different activities: for camping, to arrange promotions as well as to organize an outdoor party. These tents are lightweight (and therefore easy to carry with you everywhere) and they are available in the customized sizes. They come with 3 year warranty!

inflatable transparent tent