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Top 5 Inflatable Walking Ball To Have Fun On Water

Oct 10, 2015, 9:15 am / Tobbox
Have you ever seen someone walk on the water? Yes, with inflatable water balls it is possible. All you need to do is to enter the ball, inflate it with a pump and start walking on the water surface. In fact, when stepping inside this ball it rotates, what enables you to “walk” on the water. However, it takes a little training until you learn to walk on the water in a proper way. Also, you can tie down this inflatable walking ball to some motor boat, and move with great speed towed by this boat.

Maybe someone of you wonders how to enter the walking ball. Well, there is some type of zipper (or clasp), so you need to buckle this ball after entering, while somebody else should inflate this ball from outside. Thus, the water cannot penetrate inside the ball and you will stay dry. There are many different models of inflatable walking balls on the market, but we will show you 5 walking balls that are considered to be the best of the best.

1. Inflatable Transparent Water Walking Ball

This inflatable walking ball is completely safe for use, so you can feel free to to allow your kids to enjoy it at a certain water area. It meets all the security standard because Tobbox have ensured that this ball be 100% safe for use. The transparent inflatable walking ball is made of waterproof and environmentally friendly material. Use it when you go at the swimming pool or on the river, and have a great fun.

transparent inflatable walking ball

2. Colorful Inflatable Water Walking Ball

Our second ball is a colorful inflatable walking ball. It is totally simple to use. You just need to open its zipper and enter the ball. Of course, after entering you should close the zipper and inflate it with the pump. It has a very nice design, attractive for both children and adults. Just to mention that this colorful inflatable walking ball is made of TPU or PVC fabrics.

colorful inflatable walking ball

3. Swimming Pool Inflatable Water Walking Balls

It is perfect to break the monotony of swimming and sunbathing at a pool. These walking balls are available in a wide range of different designs, as you may see in the picture below. Take it with you when going to a swimming pool next time and you will be the main guy there.

inflatable walking ball

4. Inflatable Zorb Ball

The next inflatable walking ball is known by the name Zorb Ball. This item doesn't have any zipper, but there is an opening in its central part. Thus, you will roll rather than walking on the water. Also, you may use this ball at the terrestrial areas such as sea beach, a lawn or your own yard.

inflatable walking ball

5. Soccer Inflatable Walking Ball

Finally, our last inflatable walking ball is designed as a big soccer ball. However, this big ball is not intended for playing football, but for the walking on the water surface. You can carry it with you when going to the swimming pool or river, and have some fun with your friends.

inflatable walking ball